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Solving the consequences of a centralized web.

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Our Mission

The internet is flawed. We don't own our data and it is used without our permission. We are a software development team determined to be part of the solution.

Our primary focus is the Elastos SmartWeb. Elastos is building a decentralized, modern internet based on the concept of personal cloud computing that we believe solves two key problems plaguing the existing web.

Data Ownership

Every time you use an app on the current web, you are releasing control of your personal data to search engines, internet service providers, or any web server. Elastos solves this by eliminating servers altogether, thereby enabling users to take ownership of their data. No servers, no stealing.

Security Vulnerabilities

The attack vectors exploited by malicious actors on the current web are built into its infrastructure and cannot be fixed. The Elastos Runtime OS prevents code from accessing the internet directly, allowing for a secure execution environment and an internet of code where each user has their own copy of a dApp.

Our Skills

Our team comes from a variety of backgrounds and is actively exploring the technologies that will return the internet to the people.

Originating from the Elastos community as a supernode operator, we are eager to continue our journey into the development of the decentralized web. We are open-minded and willing to work with others and adapt our skillsets to meet the demands of an internet of wealth.

Web Development

Adoption of a decentralized internet will take time, so maintaining a presence on the current web is important. We are experienced with a variety of modern web development frameworks and tools, both backend and frontend.

Mobile Development

The world is going mobile, and so are we. We are familiarizing ourselves with mobile development tools, particularly those utilized by the elastOS environment (Ionic & Angular).


Blockchain is the trust zone where users are digitally authenticated and authorized to access data. Smart contracts introduce scarcity of content. Blockchain is a critical component of the new data ownership paradigm and we are well positioned to integrate it with our solutions.

Peer-to-peer Technology

Peer-to-peer communication is the backbone of a decentralized internet and comes with many challenges to solve in order to provide a user experience comparable to the existing web. While we are not addressing these problems directly, this is one sector we are paying close attention to.

Recent Works

Here are some of our projects. Feel free to check them out.

Mobile App Development

ELAnodes dApp on elastOS

Project Link

ELAnodes is a staking utility service and personal rewards dashboard that simplifies staking for Elastos coin holders. This is the first of many elastOS capsules we hope to build.

Web Development

Elastos Supernodes

Project Link

Our first project. We developed rewards analytics tools for Elastos delegated-proof-of-stake supernode voting.

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